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Realpro Advantage® Light

The foundation of this program is the data contained within the program. Our data contains Home Address as well as business, we also provide email address and in many cases cell phone numbers.

RealPro Advantage® Light is an Agent Recruiting program that allows Broker/Owners and Managers to identify potential recruits. Once identified the program allows you to connect with the potential recruit on most social media venues including FACEBOOK, Twitter and LinkedIn. Recruits can also be transferred into Microsoft Outlook with a click of a mouse. Users can download (up to 100 records) potential recruits into Microsoft Excel.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Create Mailing Labels (Home and Business Address)
  • Send Emails
  • Search by
    • Home Address
    • Business Address
    • License Type
    • County
    • Designation
    • Company
    • Last Name

This is your office

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